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“Custom Warranty Programs through Technology driven Solutions”

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An endless range of solutions to exceed your expectations

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Adding value to your business with tech-based tools

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Unrivaled enthusiasm for what we do everyday

Our Clientele

Fortress provides select clients with innovative and efficient warranty solutions to help them build a better brand, gain new consumers, increase loyalty, and maximize sales potential.

About Us

Fortress began as a solution, and continues to be just that to our customers today. Our founder developed warranty programs that utilized a number of different administrators over the past years. As we grew, and our questions and demands turned from simple to complex, we realized that our administrator partners were unable to keep up. As a result, Fortress was born.

Today, our focus remains the same; provide world-class, cutting-edge solutions to our customers, just as we wanted for our own companies. We want to earn our customer’s business and make them feel good about the value they get from the services that we provide. Our expectations for our administration company are very high, and our customer’s should be too.
  • Crafted with love

    We create, customize and construct every client solution in-house.

  • Performance agility

    Well-coordinated efforts allow us to deliver solutions on time, every time.

  • Boutique service, big results

    We don’t need thousands of employees to provide our select clients with unmatched service and optimum results.

  • Energetic and enthusiastic

    We bring a youthful and energetic pizazz to all aspects of our business.

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